Will this tool detect any WordPress theme?

The majority of WordPress themes and their details can be detected, but there are a small number of sites that may have their theme hidden for various reasons either for security or because they are a customized theme.

Note that this tool will detect if a site is running Drupal or Joomla instead of WordPress.

Will this tool work with all WordPress versions?

Should work for all WordPress versions 2.x and up.

Do I have to enter the domain or URL?

If you want to check the homepage, then just the domain is fine, otherwise you need to specify the full URL or the page you wish to check. Note that some websites run a WordPress blog off their main non-WordPress site, so in these instances, ensure you specify the URL to the blog, eg: http://example.com/blog

What does WordPress Theme Provider mean?

In the Top 10 WordPress Themes report, the themes are consolidated by the theme provider. For example, WooThemes have a lot of individual themes that all come under the WooThemes framework, so rather than dilute the statistics, they are all come under WooThemes.

Why aren't all activated WordPress plugins listed?

Due to the nature of the way some plugins operate, it isn't possible to list every single plugin that is active on a site.

A lot of WordPress plugins are effectively invisible as they work behind the scenes.

When was this WordPress Detection Service created?

This site was created in early 2011. Some copycat sites exist, but What WordPress Theme Is That has always been the original (and best) WordPress Theme Detection site available.

Who Developed This Site?

The design and programming was developed by Ultimate Marketing Strategies.